Component Category

First you should create a component category for the LMV321LILT (if it doesn’t exist already). Open New Library Element  Component Category, choose a suitable (generic!) name and select a parent category. You may first need to create the required parent categories.

Creating component categories is optional. Everything works even without creating such categories so if you’re in a hurry, just skip this step. However, categories help to keep your libraries organized and to quickly find components in the schematic editor.

In our example, we choose the following properties (any other metadata is optional):

  • Name: Amplifiers (since the LMV321LILT is an amplifier)

  • Parent: Integrated Circuits › Linear (let’s assume these categories exist already)

If you’re unsure about the category name, take a look at the navigation trees of or for inspiration. But don’t use a nesting level higher than 3 levels (usually 2 levels are enough).

Create component category

After clicking on Finish, your first component category is already complete! It may just take a moment for the background library scan until the new component category appears in the category trees.

Component categories available in the LibrePCB Base library
Component categories