Output Jobs

LibrePCB allows you to export production data like a professional, customized to your workflow and preferences. Just set up the so-called Output Jobs once, and run them as often as you need with a single click.


  • Support for multi-configuration jobs, e.g. individual BOMs for each assembly variant

  • Built-in bundling of output files in ZIP archives

  • Run jobs individually or all at once

  • Configuration is stored in the project, under version control if desired

  • Obsolete/outdated files in output folder are reported & deletable with a single click

  • Jobs can be run headless through the command-line interface

Output jobs

Supported output formats:

  • Documentation: PDF/SVG/pixmaps of schematics and/or boards

  • PCB production data: Gerber/Excellon

  • Pick&Place: CSV, Gerber X3

  • Netlist: IPC D-356A

  • BOM: CSV

  • 3D model: STEP

  • And more…​