LibrePCB is a community project and relies on contributions. See below for a list of ways to contribute. If you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


An easy but still very valuable way to contribute is to help translating LibrePCB from English into other languages. Just join our project on Transifex and start translating fully autonomous. Your translations will then automatically be part of the next LibrePCB release.


Writing good documentation takes a lot of time. Therefore any support is very helpful. For writing documentation, you need basic skills with Git, GitHub and AsciiDoc (no worries — everybody can learn these things). To edit the documentation, open pull requests on the librepcb-doc repository. For instructions, see


Your point of view as a LibrePCB user is very valuable for the developers. Did you find a bug? Is something unclear with the user interface or the documentation? Do you have an improvement idea? Either open an issue or start a discussion thread to let us know!


Just spread the word about LibrePCB!

  • Put the Made with LibrePCB logo on your PCB (available in the base library).

  • Order your PCBs with LibrePCB Fab to let manufacturers see our growing community.

  • Publish your projects online and mention LibrePCB (forums, social networks, …​).

  • Recommend LibrePCB to your collegues & friends.


A financial contribution is a very simple yet effective way to support LibrePCB since it allows the developers to spend more time on it. Please see here for donation options.


Generally, adding parts to our official libraries would be a perfect way to contribute as well. But we belive it’s very important to keep the quality, consistency and correctness of the libraries as high as possible. Therefore we want to apply strict guidelines and perform serious reviews.

Unfortunately at this time we don’t have enough resources to write detailed guidelines and to perform serious reviews (it’s very time consuming). Therefore it’s difficult to contribute this way. Feel free to open pull requests on our libraries anyway, but please don’t be afraid if it takes a long time to get any feedback.

We are very sorry for this issue any try to find a solution which allows to ensure high-quality libraries while accepting contributions with low effort and low frustration.


Contributing rather small fixes to our code base is possible as well, check out in the repository for details.

However, for any larger change please first talk to the lead developer. Working on such a large code base is difficult since many different aspects need to be considered (consistent UI concepts, translations, performance, memory management, undo stack, …​). The changes also need to follow the general strategy of the project. So please don’t waste your time with implementing a feature which might never be merged — ask the lead developer first about his opinion and recommendations.

Please consider making a financial contribution instead. In our experience this is much more effective since it allows a few developers to work a long time (and thus more efficiently) on the project rather than many developers working a short time on it (which is very inefficient).