The time we can put into the LibrePCB development heavily varies on how much free time we have, since the income of LibrePCB is not sufficient for hiring a full-time developer. Therefore we can’t commit for a concrete roadmap.


However, we do track issues we want to resolve in the next release with GitHub Milestones. But note that many new issues will be added while already working on a milestone, so the milestone issues are just an incomplete snapshot.

Release Cycle

A new release will be published when it’s ready. But generally we try to release a new version twice, or at least once, a year.

Long-Term Goals

Of course we want to make LibrePCB a feature-rich EDA tool for long-term. This includes for example (in arbitrary order):

  • Hierarchical sheets

  • Schematic buses

  • Push&shove router

  • Length-matched traces

  • SPICE simulation

  • …​and many more!

In addition, we have some innovative ideas we don’t want to disclose yet ;-)

Help us to speed up the development of these features with a donation!


There is not an explicit feature we don’t like to implement. But generally we focus on stability, reliability, good concepts and a sane file format rather than on a huge amount of features. So instead of implementing many cool but half-done & buggy features we prefer to implement only a few but carefully designed, reliable features.

In addition, any new feature must comply with our belief of providing an application which works on virtually any platform. Therefore we don’t implement features which rely on bleeding-edge technology not available on some computers one might want to run LibrePCB.