Get LibrePCB

LibrePCB Downloads

Here you can download official LibrePCB releases.

Please read the Getting Started Guide for installation and usage instructions.


Download LibrePCB Installer for Windows

Alternative: Portable ZIP (extract & run)


Download LibrePCB Installer for Linux

Alternatives for various distributions: Snap, Flatpak, AppImage (set executable flag & run) or binary archive.

Arch Linux: librepcb (builds from source) or librepcb-appimage (downloads binary)

OpenPandora: librepcb from OpenPandora Repository

NixOS: librepcb package


FreeBSD: librepcb port


Download LibrePCB Installer for MacOS

Alternative: App Bundle


Alternatively you could build LibrePCB from sources. The Git repository is hosted at GitHub.

See for instructions and LICENSE.txt for legal conditions.