Build From Sources


To compile LibrePCB, you need to install the following tools first:

  • g++ >= 4.8, MinGW >= 4.8, or Clang >= 3.3 (C++11 support is required)

  • Qt >= 5.5

  • zlib

  • OpenSSL

  • CMake 3.5 or newer

Get the Sources

It is very important to use the correct sources:

  • Do NOT clone any branch (e.g. master) from our repository on GitHub! These sources are not compatible with the stable file format of LibrePCB.

  • Do NOT use the archives provided at the GitHub Releases page. These do not include the submodules and thus can’t be compiled.

  • It’s fine to clone the official release tag (current: 0.1.7) from our repository on GitHub, just keep in mind to pass --recursive to also get all the submodules.

For convenience, we provide an official source archive which contains all the required files (including submodules) and has stripped any unnecessary files:

wget ""
unzip ./
cd ./librepcb-0.1.7

Build LibrePCB

Within the downloaded source directory, execute the following commands:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j8

Additional Resources

These are just the most important commands. For more details (e.g. the available configuration flags), check out the following resources: