Command-Line Interface

In the software development world, continuous integration (CI) is a widely used strategy to enforce a high level of quality on products. Whenever changes are made on the source code, many automated checks, tests and other tasks are executed on servers to ensure everything still works as expected.

In the EDA world, we are also familiar with checks and other recurring tasks: Running the ERC & DRC, exporting Gerber files, bundling them in a ZIP file for the PCB manufacturer etc. Unfortunately this goes wrong regularly, for example by simply forgetting to run the DRC before exporting Gerber files.

We think continuous integration also makes sense for PCB projects to avoid such mistakes. Therefore LibrePCB comes with a simple command-line application librepcb-cli which allows to run the most common tasks in a headless, automated way. For more details, please check out the documentation.


All our official libraries have set up GitHub Actions CI with librepcb-cli running from its official Docker image. It’s just a few lines of code to get it running!

Currently the CLI provides only very basic functionality, but we will add more features from time to time. Stay tuned!