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LibrePCB is an open source project – it’s made by the community, for the community. This means that everyone can use LibrePCB without paying for it.

But if you like LibrePCB, please consider supporting the ongoing development of LibrePCB with a donation. The more donations are made, the more time we can put into the development of new features to make LibrePCB even more powerful.

Ordering PCBs at AISLER

You want to order a PCB designed with LibrePCB? In that case you can support LibrePCB by ordering your PCBs at AISLER! No separate payment for the donation is needed – just export your LibrePCB project to a *.lppz file (in the “File” menu of the schematic- or board editor), upload it to and order PCBs as usual. AISLER will then automatically make a donation to LibrePCB.


Patreon is a platform to make recurring donations to your favorite projects. It supports credit/debit cards and PayPal for paying.

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As an alternative to Patreon, you can also donate with PayPal directly.

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GitHub Sponsors

If you have a GitHub account, you can become a sponsor of the founder and main developer of LibrePCB. See GitHub Sponsors for more information.

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We also accept Bitcoins at following address:

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