If you like LibrePCB, please consider supporting the ongoing development with a donation. Our goal is to transform LibrePCB from a hobby project into a professional full-time job to heavily boost the development speed. With your help, LibrePCB can become much more powerful. Thank you very much!

LibrePCB Fab

If you need to order a PCB designed with LibrePCB, you can support the project by simply using the integrated fabrication service. Just click on the Order PCB toolbutton to get started. After the order is placed, our fabrication service partner will automatically make a small donation to LibrePCB! 

However, since this is only a small donation, we’d still be very happy about a dedicated donation ;-)


Patreon is a platform to make recurring donations to your favorite projects. It supports credit/debit cards and PayPal for paying.

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As an alternative to Patreon, you can also donate with PayPal directly.

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GitHub Sponsors

If you have a GitHub account, you can become a sponsor of the founder and lead developer of LibrePCB. See GitHub Sponsors for more information.

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Open Collective

Open Collective is a great way to donate — not only for individuals, but also for corporates. Since it acts as a corporate payment receiver, it allows to donate even if payments to individuals are not possible for legal reasons.

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We also accept Bitcoins at the address 1FiXZxoXe3px1nNuNygRb1NwcYr6U8AvG8:

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For other donation options, please contact us.