A Tool For Everyone

There are many EDA tools out there, but most of the tools are only available for a very limited target audience — e.g. due to high costs, restrictive license terms, or because they simply don’t run on your computer.

We think good EDA tools should be available for everyone. That’s why LibrePCB is open-source, comes with no costs, no restrictions, no limitations and is available for many different platforms and languages.


LibrePCB runs on virtually any operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux, UNIX, BSD, Solaris, …​

And even on different CPU architectures: Intel/AMD x86, ARM, Apple M1, …​

We can provide official binaries only for the most common platforms. For other platforms, LibrePCB is available either from a corresponding package management system or needs to be compiled from sources.


To make LibrePCB more useful for people around the world, it is available in 22 different languages.

The completeness of the translations differ between the languages. See here how you can help improving the translations.

From Beginners to Experts

Getting started with professional EDA tools is usually very hard — you need to invest a lot of time until you are able to work efficiently with it. On the other hand, EDA tools for beginners are easy to learn, but very limited in functionality.

LibrePCB tries to close the gap between these two worlds — basic tasks are very simple and intuitive, while still having more advanced features available. So you can get productive very quickly without later ending up in limitations.