Order PCB

The easiest and fastest way to order the PCB is LibrePCB Fab. It automatically exports and uploads all the necessary production data files without annoying you with the whole traditional production data workflow. See fab.librepcb.org/about for more information.

You prefer to manually generate the production data files? Or you want to use a PCB manufacturer not available at LibrePCB Fab? No problem! Just skip this section and go to Generate Production Data.

LibrePCB Fab

To start the order process, click the Order PCB toolbutton in either the schematic- or board editor:

Order PCB

With Upload Project, the project is uploaded to our order service fab.librepcb.org. Then your web browser should open a website where you can review and continue the order.

Alternatively you could also export your LibrePCB project as a *.lppz archive (File  Export  Export *.lppz Archive) and then upload this file with the web browser on fab.librepcb.org. This procedure might be useful if for some reason the direct upload is not desired or doesn’t work (e.g. due to a corporate firewall).

Generate Production Data

Instead of using LibrePCB Fab, of course you can also generate the production data manually and forward these files to any PCB manufacturer you like.


Open File  Production Data  Generate Fabrication Data or press F10. Then choose the settings of the Gerber/Excellon export. Generally you should determine what format your PCB manufacturer accepts. Many manufacturers accept Protel-style settings, so if you’re unsure, click on Protel naming:

Generate fabrication data

Press Generate and LibrePCB writes the files into the selected directory within the project. These files can then be sent to your PCB manufacturer for production.

It’s highly recommended to cross-check the generated files with third-party tools like gerbv or the reference Gerber viewer. LibrePCB developers are not responsible for any implications caused by wrong production data.

Pick&Place Data

If you also need pick&place files for automated assembly, open File  Production Data  Generate Pick&Place Files or press F11:

Generate pick&place files

Export BOM

To get a list of all parts to purchase, export the bill of materials (BOM) from either the schematic editor or board editor with File  Production Data  Generate Bill Of Materials or with F9:

Generate BOM

The BOM depends on the board since the concrete devices are specified in the board, not in schematics. Therefore, make sure the desired board is selected in the dropdown. However, if you start the BOM export in the board editor (instead of the schematic editor), the currently opened board will be pre-selected automatically.

LibrePCB does not yet provide a built-in mechanism to specify manufacturer part numbers (MPN). This will be added in a future release. However, you can already add arbitrary attributes to each component which can then be included in the BOM. Just open Properties from the context menu of components (right-click) and add a string attribute named MPN.