Installation on Windows

Online Installer

The recommended way to install LibrePCB is to use the online installer. It provides the following features:

  • Installs a maintenance tool to easily download and install updates.

  • Creates start menu entries for LibrePCB and the maintenance tool.

  • Optionally registers *.lpp files, so LibrePCB projects can be opened with a double-click in the file manager.

Just download and run librepcb-installer-0.1.7-windows-x86.exe. Afterwards you’ll find LibrePCB in your start menu.

Portable Package

Alternatively you could run LibrePCB without installing it. But then you don’t get an update mechanism, no start menu entries are created, and *.lpp files will not be registered.

Download and extract, then run the contained file bin\librepcb.exe.