Create a Workspace

When starting LibrePCB the first time, a wizard asks you to open or create a workspace. The workspace is just a directory where settings, libraries and (optionally) projects will be stored. Once created, it can be used from all supported operating systems (i.e. it is platform independent) and in future it will also be usable with different LibrePCB versions.

You can just accept the default workspace location (you could still move it to another location afterwards, if desired):

Choose workspace

If the selected path does not contain a workspace yet, clicking on Next will show a page to choose the most important settings:

Workspace settings

It is recommended to select at least your preferred norm and length unit since these usually depend on where you’re living.

You can change these settings at any time later in the control panel under Extras  Workspace Settings.

After clicking Finish, the control panel shows up and you’re ready to start using LibrePCB!

Control panel