Create a PCB Project

In LibrePCB, schematics and boards are always part of a project, so before creating schematics and boards you first need to create a project for every PCB. Click on New Project in the control panel:

New project button

Then specify some project metadata:

New project metadata

It’s recommended to store projects within the workspace subdirectory named projects (the default location suggested by the wizard) because these projects are then shown in the control panel file explorer, making them easy to locate and use. But of course projects can be created at any other location as well.

A LibrePCB project consists of a whole directory on the file system. While it is possible to manually add/modify files in that directory, generally you should avoid adding large files (e.g. datasheets) since this could slow down some operations. It’s better to store unrelated files outside of the project directory.

Now you can choose whether the project should be initialized with a first schematic page and board, and how they are named. If you are unsure, just accept the default values:

New project initialization

After clicking on Finish, the schematic- and board editors show up:

Project editor