Partnership With PCBWay

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September 8, 2022

We are happy to announce a new partnership with PCBWay, a large and popular PCB manufacturer from China!

About PCBWay

As a PCB designer you might already know PCBWay since it’s a very popular PCB manufacturer – for both, hobbyists and professionals. They offer a lot of capabilities (e.g. materials, colors, surface finish, panelization, assembly, …) for a competitive price.

For details, please check out their capabilities sheet.

LibrePCB Fab Integration

The first part of the partnership is the integration into our PCB ordering service LibrePCB Fab. From now on, users can choose between PCBWay and our existing partner AISLER:

LibrePCB Fab Workflow

This makes LibrePCB Fab a complete solution for all needs – AISLER is the perfect choice for less experienced users (thanks to the simple, guided order process and the rendering guarantee) and for European LibrePCB users in general, while PCBWay covers all the needs of more complex designs (>4 layers, custom colors, special surface finish, …) or Asian LibrePCB users in general (of course both manufacturers offer world-wide shipping, but usually a more local manufacturer still leads to lower shipping costs and faster delivery).


In addition to the LibrePCB Fab integration, PCBWay is also sponsoring the LibrePCB project with a donation!

And with every order made through LibrePCB Fab, LibrePCB receives an additional donation from PCBWay. So, no matter which manufacturer you choose, ordering PCBs through LibrePCB Fab stays the easiest way to help us keeping the development of LibrePCB ongoing!

Many thanks to PCBWay for this support!

What’s next?

Although LibrePCB Fab is very useful already, there’s still room for improvements. The next step will be to support using the manufacturer’s assembly service in addition to the PCB manufacturing service. We’ll keep you updated about the progress on this topic.