LibrePCB 0.1.3 Released

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November 30, 2019

This release adds a lot of (long-awaited) new features and important bugfixes to LibrePCB.


Design Rule Check for Boards (#581)

Finally the board editor got a design rule check! It checks a PCB for common mistakes like missing connections, too small clearances (or shorts), or too thin copper elements. A new dock widget shows the reported messages and clicking on a message displays the issue in the board view.


Please note that the new design rule options are not yet saved to files, so you have to re-enter them after opening the project the next time. This will be implemented in the next major release of LibrePCB.

BOM Export (#499)

Now it’s also possible to export the bill of materials (BOM) of a LibrePCB project to a CSV file. In addition to some predefined columns, you can add arbitrary component attributes as additional columns to the CSV:


Boards can now be printed and exported to PDF, with respecting the currently visible layers. This allows for example to create assembly plans like this:



Library Editor:

  • Add mirror functionality to symbol/package editors (#569)
  • Show footprint pad names in package editor (#570)
  • Add more widgets to package text drawing command toolbar (#521)
  • Adjust default values of symbol and package elements (#523)
  • Remove underscore from predefined text placeholders (#555)
  • Fix possibly missing message box when closing tab (#563)

Schematic Editor:

  • Add BOM export dialog (#499)
  • Allow changing pre-selected device of components (#565)
  • Provide more options when renaming net segments (#532)
  • Initialize *.lppz export filename with default value (#524)
  • Fix missing device when adding component multiple times (#561)

Board Editor:

  • Add design rule check (#581)
  • Add PDF export and print support (#567)
  • Add tool to measure wire length (#564)
  • Allow to hide copper planes (#531)
  • Allow rotating while moving items (#533)
  • Add device context menu item “snap to grid” (#525)
  • Fix missing plane cut-out for board outlines in footprints (#501)
  • Fix invisible zero-width circles/polygons (#502)
  • Fix wrong rotation of mirrored pads in plane cut-outs (#509)

Gerber Export:

  • Add support for non-square octagon pads (#507)
  • Always use multi-quadrant mode for arcs (#504)
  • Fix possibly wrong position of circles in footprints (#508)


  • Add --strict option (#583)


  • Implement pinch to zoom in all graphics views (#477)
  • Add menu items to toggle visibility of dock widgets (#487)
  • Support copying and moving rows in polygon editor dialogs (#489)
  • Auto-select attribute unit when entering unit in value field (#491)
  • Replace spinboxes/comboboxes with unit-aware edit widgets (#520)
  • Provide *.tar.gz archive with pre-built binaries for deployment on Linux (#571)
  • Fix broken settings when closing windows with OpenGL enabled (#503)
  • Fix possible crash when re-opening symlinked projects (#573)
  • Fix possibly wrong grab area of various graphics items (#582)

New languages:


The release can be downloaded for all major operating systems on our download page: