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LibrePCB 0.1.0 Released

The stable release 0.1.0 is out!

Since the release candidate 0.1.0 RC2 three weeks ago, no critical bugs were reported, so we decided to finally publish the stable release 0.1.0. The changelog compared to 0.1.0 RC2 is very short:


Library Editor:

  • Fix saving of library URL
  • Fix saving of component property “schematic-only”

File Format Stability

As this is an official stable release, the file format is also considered as stable and you can expect that any project created with that release will be loadable with future releases of LibrePCB. So now you can really start using LibrePCB productively :)

Attention: This is not the case for the development version (e.g. the master branch of our Git repository), so you should really use this official release for productive work instead of the development version!


The release can be downloaded for all major operating systems at our download page: