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Merchandise Products Available

March 20, 2019

You like LibrePCB and need some new clothes or a coffee mug? Then you might be interested in the merchandise shop which got online today!

Merchandise Shop

The Initial Idea

Actually I just wanted to order some LibrePCB T-shirts for myself and thus was looking for a shop which allows to print custom designs on T-shirts. Then I found spreadshop which even allows to create whole shops with custom designs, so other people can order the same products too!

I liked that idea as it allows everyone to easily order some LibrePCB T-shirts, hoodies or other products too. And even better, LibrePCB receives a commission on every order made in that shop, so we get an additional way to contribute to the LibrePCB project.

For details about the concept, take a look at spreadshop, the provider of this service.

15% off for 14 days

Finally I decided that’s worth a try and thus opened the shop today. You will get 15% off the first 14 days, so let’s order quickly :-)

Thanks for everyone contributing to LibrePCB, either via the new merchandise shop or any other method!

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