LibrePCB 0.1.0 RC2 Released

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November 4, 2018

After two weeks of testing, we have a new release candidate ready with some bugfixes and usability improvements:


Control Panel:

  • Hide non-existent recent and favorite projects
  • Hide debug tools in workspace settings dialog

Library Manager:

  • Don’t show 100% progress while extracting ZIP

Library Editor:

  • Fix saving of component symbol position/rotation (#356)

Schematic Editor:

  • Fix resizing of “Add Component” dialog caused by long device names

Board Editor:

  • Fix crash when trying to connect trace to pad without net
  • Fix too high default width of the dock widget at the right
  • Fix possibly hidden layers in footprint preview of the “Place Devices” dock
  • Show warning in the “Place Devices” dock if no matching device found in library
  • Set default board size to 100x80mm
  • Set default grid interval to 0.635mm


  • Allow deselecting items while keeping other items selected (#361)
  • Add attribute units “current” and “power”

New languages:

  • Esperanto (8% translated)
  • Italian (20% translated)


The release candidate can be downloaded for all major operating systems at our download page: